Erotic & Sensual Massages

I offer my clients four types of erotic and sensual massages Each one will help you relax and unwind. My angelic touch will awaken your senses of pleasure and take you on an erotic journey that you will never want to end.

Masseuse gives male customer a full body to body massage

Body 2 Body Massage

Body to body massage is one of the most Sensual Massage in West London. Like the classic Swedish you get massage of most of your body parts but in B2B everything is much, much more sensual and exciting. I try to use a lot of good quality oil to make massage very slippery and interactive. As you can get from the massage name during this type of session both bodies (yours and mine) are getting connected. I’m using most of my body parts (not only hands) to massage your all of your back. This makes whole experience less predictable and makes every client impressed.
Ice cubes melt on the back and bottom of sensual massage artist

Soapy Massage

A Soapy massage with an added erotic show. Bubbles, foam, maximum body to body in one massage. A new version of my popular body to body massage, but this one uses a lot more foam and fun.
Sensual masseuse covers her big breasts

Mutual Massage

This is another of my most popular sensual massage experiences. Whilst a Tantric massage is design to focus on yourself to fully awaken the Kundalini energy, mutual massage allows you to focus more on your beautiful therapist leaving you feeling in power and appreciation. Also its a great opportunity for clients to learn some great techniques of a massage what will boost their confidence in a sexual life overall.
Skinny woman lies naked on bed in playful ecstasy

Ritual Massage

The session will include 2 hours of a mutual massage what will help you to fully relax and also focus on your therapist. I understand that you may wish to reach the point of ecstasy twice during your prolonged fulfilling session which is completely acceptable.